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Basho's Pond

  • Pulp Painting and manipulated with blue jeans, kozo, cotton, abaca, iris leaves, lettuce roots miscanthus fibers.
    5 flat panels, and 4 three dimensional sculptures(dimensions variable):
    The Polliwog Emerges (hydroponic lettuce roots, iris and abaca)(sphere: abaca and kozo)30” x 30”
    The Flow (kozo and abaca, momigami, sewn and watercolor)(bowl form greenish yellow)40” x 18” x 20 “
    Basho’s Leaf (Abaca, kozo, linen) sewn, watercolor, wax and wire. 42” x 16” x 23”
    Lotus leaf (abaca, kozo, knotweed, bamboo) 50” x 16” x 38”

    Sculptural forms may be sold separately/negotiable
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