Space, Time, Celestial Bodies


Real space inspires awe, the feeling one gets while witnessing the moon rising up out of the ocean. The distant horizon is far enough, the space between oneself and the celestial body we call the moon is incredibly vast. How is it even possible to see that far? Our naked eyes can see (and make sense of?) even further. Planets, stars, the distance is unfathomable and yet we can feel it. The effects on our psyche when staring up at the night sky, to feel both insignificant and at once part of everything is overwhelming. And then time, a meaningful construct to help us navigate our lives. Celestial bodies spinning and revolving, is that what creates time? Time and distance, closeness and intimacy, movement and stillness. This work explores these concepts and the feelings they evoke, in outer and inner space.

Thank you for looking, enjoy.

Sheryl Jaffe             

Artist statement 2020